Welding Competition

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Welding Competition

Ty’s welding project


Ty Swiler- 1/18/2013

This Wednesday there was a welding competition in Altamont.  There were around nineteen different schools there.  Each school was allowed to bring an A-team and a B-team.  The A-team was able to be made up of four students of any grade.  The B-team was able to be made up of freshman and sophomores.  They were also allowed to have up to four students.

Everybody that participated in the competition had to do two MIG welds.  The welds that needed to be completed were a butt-weld and a lap-weld.  They had to do two arc-welds also, which were a butt-weld and a T-weld.  The torching exercise was made up of torching a one-inch circle in the middle of a 4”x4” piece of metal, and then cutting a straight line.

All of these skills were judged based on the overall appearance, fusion, bead profile, free from discontinuities, and penetration.  The students also had to complete a fifty question written test, and a five question problem solving test.

The Erie FFA chapter took an A and B-team.  The A-team was made up of myself, a senior, and juniors: Tate Lindberg, Matt Greve, and Tyler Thiesing.  The B-team was made up of Mitchell Larue and Austin Kendall.  The judges took the three best scores from each team and added them together to get the final score.  The A-team Placed 3rd out of nineteen teams and received a plaque.  The B-team only had two people and they were only thirty points away from the top ten.

They announced the top ten places of the individual high scores and the team scores. I, Ty Swiler, received 2nd place, high individual, and a five hundred dollar scholarship to Missouri Welding Institution.  Austin Kendall received 4th place and  high individual for the B-team.

The overall competition winner was Uniontown with a score of 435, 2nd place went to Caney with a score of 424, and 3rd place to Erie with a score of 417.  The 1st place high individual was from Uniontown and  he received a thousand dollar scholarship.

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